How Do I Hang My Scarves + Important Announcement (Giveaway)

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? Was it fun? Mine was okay. As promised, I will post about how do I hang my scarves. The wind is chilly currently here in the Philippines. We don’t have a winter but we are currently experiencing cold weather most of the days. I don’t wear scarves often because people usually will stare at me as if they are saying “what the hell are you wearing?”.  People in our country normally do not wear scarves during cold days. But, that’s not the point of this post. Hehe. Actually, this is not really a tutorial, it’s more of a tip. A really nice technique  to hang your scarves. This technique make your scarves really cute to look at while hanging. This is how I hang my scarves..

Surprisingly, it is really really really really easy. I just did simple knots. I think they save a lot space and they look cute. This is much more convenient than just hanging them the usual way. The usual way make your scarves look bulky and at time unorganized.  🙂 What do you think guys?

Mistaken Glance is now one year old. Yay! As a thank you, I am planning to have a giveaway during summer which will start on April. I know it’s late but I’m still saving for the giveaway. I am a graduating college student and I don’t have a work (i’m not allowed to) so it’s a little bit hard to have an immediate giveaway. I wanna give you guys something but I need your help. At the bottom of this post, there’s a poll where you can vote for the products you want to be as prizes for my giveaway. In that way, I know what to give to you. The casting of votes will end on March 31. The choice with highest number of votes will be chosen as the giveaway prizes. This is my upcoming first giveaway and I’m really sorry to limit my giveaway to Philippine residents only. Don’t worry guys, someday if I already have work I could have an international giveaway. 🙂

Belated Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!  Happy Holidays!

Have a nice day everyone. Bye!. 🙂