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Fashion Picks: Tibetan Inspired Bracelet

Accessories are my ultimate favorite things in the world. I always buy the most uncommon and unique pieces. Today, I will be starting a new blog post series called “Fashion Picks” which features my most favorite items from my jewelry stash.

The bracelet shown above is an inspired Tibetan jewelry which I bought last year in a boutique named Ingmar. It’s located at Mary Mart Mall in Iloilo City. I always buy there because they have the cutest stuffs and affordable prices. Would believe that this piece is only Php 39?

I love this bracelet because it goes  with any outfit that I wear, from casual to formal. I also adore the sky blue bead on the center. ❤ Unfortunately, the beads are plastic and the coating peels off. I know this item will not last long but I will try my best to take care of it.

Me wearing the bracelet with a plain shirt and a pair of pants. 🙂

             What do you think of the bracelet? Would you wear something like this? Let me know on the comments area. Have a nice. Bye. 🙂

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Beaded Bracelets – Result of my boredom


       Hello everyone! I’m really sorry for the lack of updates and blog posts. I know. I suck. I have been very busy with school especially that I’m a college graduating student. I hope you understand that.  🙂

Today, I will be posting  the pictures of the beaded bracelets I made out of boredom. It’s currently our “sem break” and I’m so thankful for it. I can breathe again. These past few weeks, I was deeply stressed out and extremely exhausted. I’m not kidding and exaggerating.  Anyways, let’s now proceed to the bracelets.

*Click the images for a larger view.

           So, these are the bracelets that I made. Please tell me what do you think about these because I wanna make more for my personal use. Well, if people like these, maybe I can accept orders. I hope you like it and thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading this post. I’ll try my best to post more. Talk to you later. Have a nice day! Bye! 😉