Project Ten Pan 2 – Updates

Hello everyone! Welcome to my little beauty world here on the internet. Today, I will be posting some updates on my project 10 pan. I mentioned in my last post that there will be a part 2 of my haul and that will be up soon. The clothes that I bought are still on the laundry and others were not yet ironed so it will take a few days before I can take pictures of them.

My camera is now available but, it’s not did not cooperate with me. Some of the images are out of focus. I tired taking pictures again and again but they won’t focus. Anyways, you can still see the products. I hope that’s fine with you guys. 🙂

So, as I have stated before, I started my PTP January 19, 2011 and until now I’m not done. Also, I had confession on my last post saying that I broke the rules on my PTP. I bought two eyeshadows and 1 corrector. But, I promise that I won’t use the eyeshadows, but not the corrector because I need it for my blemishes and other imperfections.

This coming May, I will be going to Manila for a summer vacation. I want to announce that I will be buying makeup items there that I cannot find here in Iloilo. Products from brands like MAC, Majolica Majorca, Smashbox etc.. Makeup brands are really limited in here.  Also, I will be picking some Revlon items at the Duty Free Philippines because  they are tax free and they have some stuffs that are not sold in SM Department Stores and Watsons. But, I will not use the products that I will be buying until this project if finished. I will finish this project.

Revlon Lipgloss (Pink)

I scrapped what was left so it’s now totally gone. 🙂

elf  Waterproof Mascara

Dried out. Yay!

Nichido Eyeshadow in Gold Foil

I took this picture like last last week and this item is completely used up. This is my favorite eyeshadow ever, I use it all the time and now it’s gone. I will buy this again soon.

Maybelline Makeup Remover.

I’m done with this too. Yay! 4 down, 6 to go. Go! Go! Go!

And, as for the other products, here they are..

San San Pink Berry Margarita Lipstick

Look at that. I’m almost done. Yay! I hope I can finish this before it expires. Isn’t it gross to use expired lipstick?

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer

I depotted this in a clean jar and as I can see I still have a lot. Maybe like 5-10 uses.

Revlon Lipgloss (Dark Nude)

I still have much left. Maybe 2 more months?

San San Eyeshadow Pencil

I’ll put much effort. 🙂

San San Tinted Moisturizer

I depotted this one too and still a lot. Maybe like 10 uses?

Nichido GNU Eyeliner in Nice Gal

This is still long  for a Project 10 Pan. I’ll try to use it up within 2-3 months.

So, these are my updates. Gosh, it takes forever to finish pencil liners. Anyways, please tell me what should I blog. I’m running out of ideas. That’s it for now. Bye!

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