Thrift Haul #1

A lot of Filipinos, from lower to upper class, loves shopping at Ukay-Ukay stores (Thrift stores) because of the great bargains they could find like finding high end items, sometimes unused and still tagged. I remember spotting a Versace pants when I visited Magarbo. Unfortunately, the piece was small for me.

Last week, I went to Iloilo City and visited Magarbo to find clothes for work. Guess what I found? An unused and tagged Marks&Spencer  long-sleeved shirt for Php 100 only!  Such a steal! The store sells all their items for 100 bucks each. A little much for a thrifted  clothing though. The shirt has metallic gold detailing. 🙂

The following day was our market day because there was an ukay-ukay sale. Actually, it’s being held every week. I went to the market and browsed the area. Then I spotted a seller which sells tops for only Php 10 each. As a thrifty person, of course I did’t let the offer pass. I got 5 pieces but I gave one to my mother because it was big for me.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the fourth shirt because it was on the laundry. 🙂 This last piece below was also bought on the same place but in another time. This was sold for 40 bucks only because my mother bargained the price. This is my favorite purchase! ❤

I’m happy with the items I got and really satisfied. Not all of my clothes are from Ukay-Ukay stores. Before I end this post, I will be sharing you some tips about thrifting.

  • Choose items which are in good condition and clean. Most stains cannot be removed so it’s safe to buy clean clothes.
  • Check the brands because you can jackpot signature pieces. Some of them are still tagged.
  • Dig and dig. That’s the biggest secret. 🙂
  • Before washing the clothes, soak them first in hot water with laundry soap/powder to remove bacteria and unpleasant smell.

Do you thrift clothes too? Where do you usually buy? Hit me a comment to answer. By the way, I have a personal blog, if you are interested visit: Circle Chick  Talk to you soon. Have a nice day! 😀


Fashion Picks: Leather Bracelet Wrap

Hello guys. 🙂 I’m apologizing for being inactive the past week. I was sick, I had menstrual cramps and a supernatural phenomenon which I’m not going to elaborate because of certain reasons. I thank God for saving me from that painful thing. Don’t worry guys, I’m okay now. I’m already here in Iloilo, at our home. Vacation is over. Hehehe.

The bracelet I have shown above is a faux leather bracelet wrap with a ginormous blue bead. It’s pretty cheap piece, only Php 30 but it was originally Php 60. I bought this from Shop and Match, located at Iloilo City. An hour away from our town. The store wholesale accessories of different styles and kinds in affordable prices.

I picked up this particular color because it looks a bohemian piece which I can wear with any outfit. Wearing this bracelet makes your get up polished and neutralized. The item is also available in the colors black and white but I picked up this one because of its earthy look, plus blue and brown are my favorite color. I’m a sucker for anything neutral.

Did you like the bracelet?

Would wear something like this?

Let me know through commenting on this post. Comments really enlighten me. 🙂

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Hena – XOXO


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Fashion Picks: Tibetan Inspired Bracelet

Accessories are my ultimate favorite things in the world. I always buy the most uncommon and unique pieces. Today, I will be starting a new blog post series called “Fashion Picks” which features my most favorite items from my jewelry stash.

The bracelet shown above is an inspired Tibetan jewelry which I bought last year in a boutique named Ingmar. It’s located at Mary Mart Mall in Iloilo City. I always buy there because they have the cutest stuffs and affordable prices. Would believe that this piece is only Php 39?

I love this bracelet because it goes  with any outfit that I wear, from casual to formal. I also adore the sky blue bead on the center. ❤ Unfortunately, the beads are plastic and the coating peels off. I know this item will not last long but I will try my best to take care of it.

Me wearing the bracelet with a plain shirt and a pair of pants. 🙂

             What do you think of the bracelet? Would you wear something like this? Let me know on the comments area. Have a nice. Bye. 🙂

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Simple Cami – Party and Casual – Summer Outfits

Hello everyone. I’m so sorry for being inactive these past few months. I was busy with school since I was a graduating student. I graduated last March 31. Yay. I have now my B.S. Psychology degree. As of now, I don’t have a work yet. I’m still on Summer vacation. Hehehe. I will have the giveaway really soon. Promise.

Today, I will be posting on how to wear a simple cami on a party and for casual days. It’s actually for summer. If you are wondering, it’s summer here in the Philippines. I made my cousin Imred as my model since she has a sexy body. I picked up the clothes my self including the accessories and made her makeup and hair.

For the first outfit, the party get-up, Imred wore a brown sheer cami and tucked it in a floral skirt. Her shoes was a beige  peep toe heels in a faux fish skin. Her hair wast just simply pinned back.

The Brown Cami is from Bebe, Floral Skirt from Seventeen and Beige Shoes from M.O.Y..

For the accessories, I just picked a dangling red pearl earrings with faux diamonds and a set of bangles with faux pearls. I bought the earrings from Pink Box and the bangles were from China. My mom gave the bangles to me.


Imred used the same cami for the casual outfit. For this outfit, she wore a vintage faded denim skirt and a beige ballerina flats. A simple hairdo again.

The skirt was from Imred’s mom, the shoes was from her sister, the necklace with flower crochet was from Papemelroti, the hoop spiral earrings from Robinson’s Department Store, hair bow from SM Department Store and the bracelet was bought from Ingmar.

More pictures…. My cousin really likes to pose. She dreams of being a ramp model. I hope you enjoy these…

So, that’s all. Do you like the outfits? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Do you want more of these? Please tell me on the comments area.

I would like to thank my pretty cousin for allowing me to do this to her. I will post her twitter down below. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a nice day. Bye. ;D


Eyes – Revlon Shadow/Liner in Naturally Glamorous, MAC eyeshadows in All that Glitters and Honey Lust and Clinique Lengthening Mascara

Face – Nichido Final Powder in So Natural and Elf Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

Lips – Etude House Look at My… Lipstick in 02, Revlon ColorBurst Lisptick in Fuchsia and Almay Clear lipgloss.

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I am not being paid to show and mention the clothing and fashion items above, nor I am paid to use the products used in this photo shoot.