November 2011 Favorites + Small Haul

Hello there! I am apologizing for not posting this past month. As I have said before, I am busy with school and practicum. Today, I got the chance to post a blog so here I am.

Today, I will be posting about my November Favorites. There some products which I will not be including because they were mentioned in my August Favorites. I don’t want to be repetitive as much as possible. Click here to see the blog post. These products are still my favorites.

I will not be saying much about the products that I will be showing you since I don’t want to tire you with a long post. If you want a in-depth review with a certain product, please comment below. I will be starting with skincare.

1. Hortaleza, M.D. Acnesol Pimple Control 60mL

This is amazing for drying out pimples. It’s a life saver! Love it so much! This is actually my second bottle. I recommend this to everyone.

2. Revlon CustomeEyes Shadow & Liner (Naturally Glamorous)

This palette is great for everyday. It’s a like a mini dupe for the Naked Palette. The shadows are blendable and easy to work with. I checked the ingredients and I found out that this product is safe. It does not contain parabens.

3. elf   Studio Blush (Tickled Pink)

This blush is really sheer and I think that it won’t show up on medium to dark skin tones. I do like it because it gives a healthy natural pinkish glow. It’s not pigmented and it has micro glitters.

4. wet n wild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Single (Nutty)

This is one of the best eye shadows I own and I think it’s really unique. This is the only taupe eyeshadow I own but I am in love with it. This can be worn all-over the lid or just on the crease. I absolutely recommend this shadow!

5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Rosedew)

I am really sorry for the bad lighting. This not a dark-colored lipstick. It’s more of a pink-coral-mango shade with gold glitters in a pearlish-frosted finish. It’s good for work. I recommend it.

6. Shirley May Love More Eau de Toilette Spray

OMG. This fragrance smells so good! It’s a mixture of citrus scent and sophistication. I cannot describe the scent, please forgive me. It’s something that you would wear on a dinner date.

7. lipice Lip Balm (Grape Blackcurrant)

Ummm.. It’s methol lip balm with a fruity scent. It’s effective for cracked lips. It’s amazing!

Those are my favorites. I hope you try some of them. Yesterday and today I was at Robinson’s mall. Last night, I bought a pair of shoes for my practicum. It’s a cute shoes with cute heels. I got this pair of shoes for Php 699.75 at the Department Store.

Today, I went back to the mall after my duty. While I was searching for a cute pair of earrings, I saw this and immediately fell in love with it. I decided to buys it because it is simply gorgeous and besides, I don’t have this type of earrings and it has blue accent. Blue is one of my favorite colors. I got this for Php 99.

So, that’s all guys. I hope you like the items that I bought. My next post will be about how I hang my scarves. Rating, liking and commenting is deeply appreciated. By the way, you can follow my blog if you have a WordPress account. If you don’t have a WP account, you can still subscribe at this blog through e-mail. There’s a box saying “subscribe” at the sidebar. You will get updated by receiving an e-mail about a my new post.

That’s  all for now. Thank you so much for reading this post and visiting my blog. Have a nice day! Bye! 🙂


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