Simple Nail Art Tutorial feat. Etude House

Hello everyone! I am back with a nail tutorial. It’s actually really simple, like for beginners. I am a beginner myself when it comes to nail art. I’m not good at this and I am so nervous because it’s my first tutorial. Oh, By the way, this is intended for short nails but this can also be done with long nails. It can be modified and anything else.

I used Etude House products because I bought some of their stuffs last last day and I thought of doing a simple nail tutorial. I only got three things from their store and I came up with an idea out of this 3 things. Okay. Let’s start.

You will be needing a base color, nail art stones and a nail art pen.

You can use any products you have similar to these stuffs. They don’t have to be the same products. As for the base color, you can use any color you desire same as for the nail stones and nail pens.

Nail Art Pen (White)

Site Description:

“9ml Pen supplies individualistic nail art expression with convenience.”

I only bought the white one. There are other colors too. Links and prices will be posted below.

Nail Decoration Stone No. 7

I went for the classic silver stones.

Petti Darling Nail BR308

The first time I laid my eye on this, I immediately fell in love with this. I have a lot of nail polish but I don’t have browns. This is so pretty.

Let’s start the tutorial.

  • First, apply your base coat. I used the Caronia Nail Strengthener & Base Coat.

Please excuse my nails. I’m not expert a nail expert. 🙂 I solely cleaned my nails.

  • Then, apply your base color. Any color would do. I used the brown polish because it’s only one I have right now. I left my polishes at home.

Please excuse the mess. Told ya, I’m not expert. I’ll clean this afterwards. By the way, I doubled the coat because I want my base to be dark. And I’m really sorry for the weird position. 🙂

        Let the polish dry for about 15-20 minutes. While drying you

  • Using the nail art pen, create a small dot at the center of your nails.

  • Quickly, place a nail art stone on the dots. Press the stone so it would stick on the nail.

My nails were extremely messy.

Grab the nail art pen again and we will be creating a flower/cross. It depends on how you will interpret this tutorial. I created different shapes so I don’t know what to call this tutorial. Hehe. 

      Look what I have done with my index finger. It’s like a cross.

      Let them dry for 10 minutes.

  • Lastly, apply top coat.

Finished! You can definitely modify and beautify this. Mine is really simple. I hope you like it guys. 🙂

I am not being paid to show and use these products. I bought these with my own money.

  • Petti Darling Nails:


            Php 48.00

  • Nail Art Pen:


            Php 148.00

  • Nail Decoration Stone no. 7


            Php 59.00


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