January and February Favorites!

Hello there again my reader and visitors! I’m back for another favorites post. Next would be my Project 10 Pan round 2 and Lipstick Collection. I am really sorry for not updating this site but I’m always around here checking for comments. So here are my favorite products..

1. Maybelline Make Up Remover

Oh my gosh! This product is AMAZING. I’m not kidding you guys. I use this to remove my waterproof mascara and worked effectively. It is also safe because it is ophthalmologist and dermatology tested. I don’t know if this is safe for face since it is only intended for eyes and lips. I also do not know if this is available in US since I’ve never seen anyone from YouTube who lives in US who talks about this stuff. It says in the bottle that it is made in Indonesia. This 40 ml product costs 99 Pesos (Php).

Sadly, if I ran out I will not purchase this again ever because I pledged to PETA  not to buy products from companies who conducts animal testing. It is known that L’oreal tests on animals and L’oreal owns Maybelline. If you want to know further about this pledge thingy I will make a post regarding this matter. Just ask at the comments section.

2. Organic Wear Pressed Powder
(Translucent Light Organics)

The best powder I’ve ever tried. It so smooth to the skin and it has a matte finish which is really awesome. I could actually feel some heaviness on my face. If you have a dry skin, I suggest using a moisturizer first before applying this one. I also like that the product is 100% organic, even the packaging itself (97% actually because some parts are plastic). It has a mirror at the bottom which is really cool and it  comes with a brush that I sometimes use. I actually bought this at my classmate who had a Christmas vacation at Guam, that’s where she got the Physician’s Formula products. I don’t know where to buy  this stuff here in the Philippines. She sold this for 700 Pesos (Php).

I stopped using this right now because my skin is so dry especially my nose. Ugh. I don’t know what happened. Even a moisturizer could not ease the dryness. I don’t understand why did this happen to me considering that we don’t have winter here in the Philippines.

3. Nichido Eye Shadow (Sea Shell)

I use this to the inner corners of my eyes just to give that awake eyes because I really look tired without under eye concealer. I just feel that I look like a zombie because of under eye dark circles. What I love about this color is that it is pretty much sheer and shimmery which I love for my eyes. I wear this together with my shimmery white eye liner. This single shadow costs 68 Pesos (Php).

4. Nichido Eye Shadow (Raisin Wine)

I have worn this a lot in January as a crease color. It’s super pretty. It gave that deep crease look. Oh my god, I am really horrible at describing. This shade is almost matte finish with some sparkles but cannot be seen in the eyes. I cracked all of my Nichido eye shadows because I accidentally broke them. I’m really careless. Anyways, this shade is really good if you want a more defined and deeper eye look. It makes the eyes stand out. I also got this for 68 Pesos (Php).

5. San San Eyecolor Wave (Golden Seashore)

This is an eyeshadow duo that I use as a blush because it doesn’t look good in my eyes. It gives me that nice glow which I like though this is really shimmery and the gold actually can be seen on the cheeks on a near sight. I don’t know if it is similar to NARS’s Orgasm blush because this is actually a coral shade with golden sparkles. I know summer is not yet here but I really do like it. This is actually  limited edition from the Krisanne Coral Collection which came out in 2009. I don’t know if you can still get this but I still see this at my local HBC store and in sale. I forgot how much this was. I got this on August last year.

6. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color

(Sweet Pink)

This is a pale matte pinky beige color which is really look  nice on my yellow light skin. I use this for my brow bone as a high light and to town down my sparkly crease color. I love this one so much! I don’t how much this is because I got this as a gift for my 18th birthday which was last year. I also don’t know where to get this here in the Philippines.

7. Nichido Eye Pencil (Bronze Glow)

I love to use this an everyday eyeshadow base. I don’t like this as an eyeliner because it sucks, it smudges insanely. It does not stay on the waterline even just for an hour. I love this because it does not crease on my lid and it is pretty much lasts up to 8 hours. It also tones down my cool toned light pale gold eyeshadow which I use for school. This shade is just perfect for an everyday eyeshadow base. I got this for 80 Pesos (Php). I think. I forgot. LOL.

As for lisptick and gloss, I use the same products since December. That’s all for now and thank you so much for visiting and reading. Please comment below you favorite products as well so I can check them out. I will be posting again really soon. Bye! Have a nice day! 😉


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