December 2010 Favorites

Hello everyone! This is my first post. Welcome to my beauty blog.  Actually I had a YouTube channel but I can’t update it regularly so I just made a blog since it’s easier to update and easy to maintain. So, for my first post, I’ll gonna blog about my December favorites. Yay! I hope you reading. Here we go…

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Grapebella lip balm by Watsons

Oh my God! I love this product. I just got this last Thursday and as you can see I made a big dent. I’m not kidding you guys. I use this product everyday, before I sleep, after I brush my teeth, after I take a bath. I use it all the time. I am so crazy about this product. I makes my lips feel so soft. The dry skin on my lips was gone and I am so happy. I recommend this to everyone. I got this at Watson and they it is only distributed at Watsons. It’s only Php 89 pesos. I think. I forgot exactly how much this is but it’s 80+.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Natural Beige

This product is really amazing like everybody says. I used this during our student’s night and I had no problems in terms of oiliness of my face. It really does what it claims. I got this for $14 at Duty Free. It’s a bit expensive but totally worth it. It has a medium coverage. It made my skin looked flawless.

Nichido Eyeshadow in Cool Silver

This product is amazing. This is so pigmented for a drugstore product. It’s not chalky and powdery. But, be very careful of this one. They get easily crack. As you can see, mine was cracked. My other Nichido eyeshadows were also cracked. I just repressed them today. By the way, this costs Php 68.

Nichido Eyeshadow in Bronze Eclair

This shadow is so so gorgeous. It can be a lid color, a crease color or a liner. This is absolutely versatile. I’m using as a crease color for gold based eye looks. It’s also so pigmented that you don’t need much. Just a little amount and you’ll get a lot of pigmentation. It’s also Php 68.

Allue Eyeshadow Duo in Pink Fantasy

I use this duo as a blush. As you can see, they incredibly crazy to use as an eyeshadow. I can’t pull this shadows off. They are sheer, but not so sheer and quite shimmery. I love these for my cheeks. I especially love the not pink shade. I just put a little and blend it to the apples of my cheeks and oh my gosh, it is super pretty. It gives my face a pop of pink and it makes me look blooming and youthful. I don’t know how much this was since it a birthday gift. This is exclusively sold at HBC stores. I think HBC is also available at US. Just check it out guys.

Elf Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

This duo mascara is fantastic! I only used the regular side because I don’t want yet to use the waterproof. All I can say is that it doesn’t clump and it lengthens my lashes pretty well. It does have a natural looking effect which I love. This costs Php 129. So affordable for 2 mascaras.

Revlon Lip Gloss Palette in Pink Jubilee (Limited Edition)

These are great! They are all pigmented except for my favorite shade. It can be paired up with any lipstick shade. It enhances any color and it gives nice shine and great shimmer. I love this shade so so much! The sad thing is I have to use the entire palette because I had this for a long time. I think it’s November 2009. Gladly, I hit the pan of the 4 glosses.

San San Lipglow Moisture in Pink Berry Margarita (Limited Edition)

This lipstick is perfect! It’s perfect for everyday use. It looks natural on my lips, as if I have not put a lipstick. It gives a youthful look. Sadly, I have to finish this because this will expire July 2011. I need to find a dupe for this one.

So that’s all of my favorites for this December 2010. I hope you enjoyed reading my first post. Please let me know if you want me to post a collective haul. Have a nice day everyone. Bye. 🙂



7 thoughts on “December 2010 Favorites

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  2. regarding the elf masscara. where did u bought it? does it smear? tried several masscaras but it smeared after few hours. when it smear, it looks like an eye bag or worst i looked like a zoombie. lol

    • lol. I bought at SM City because. elf is not available at SM Delgado.. Umm.. The Waterproof side does no smear, the Regular side does not smear too.. You really need a good makeup remover if you this coz’ it’s really hard to get off.

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